Child Pornography Possession

Brazoria County Possession of Child Pornography Lawyer Defends Texas Clients

Child pornography is a very serious sex crime in Texas. A conviction for this felony sex offense carries with it a criminal record, the stigma of having to register as a sex offender for life and years in prison. The mere allegations alone of possessing, distributing or creating child pornography can severely and negatively impact family, work and social relationships and can lead to divorce, increased alcohol or drug use and thoughts of suicide. Before you are overburdened with stress and anxiety, contact an experienced Brazoria County child porn defense attorney today.

The criminal defense lawyers at James G. Sullivan and Associates work hard to defend the rights and protect the futures of their clients.  In addition to over 55 years of experience, they have the necessary knowledge and legal training to defend these challenging cases. Houston attorney James Sullivan graduated from the Trial Lawyers College founded by legendary lawyer Gerry Spence.

Child Pornography, Computer Crimes and the Internet

Individuals suspected of possession or distribution of child pornography are generally located and tracked online by state and federal law enforcement officers. Then, usually after a brief period of surveillance, task forces move in to seize computers, smart phones and other hardware that could contain images and videos related to the offense.

If law enforcement seized your computer, contact knowledgeable legal counsel immediately. The criminal defense lawyers at James G. Sullivan and Associates will examine the search warrant or other procedures that law enforcement used and will also scrutinize any evidence that they took from your computer. As they are well versed in the law and proper procedures used in child porn cases, the attorneys are better able to spot issues with law enforcement procedures and to rebut the prosecution’s arguments.

The Defense Team that Will Fight for You

An experienced child porn defense team will include trial attorneys and experts who can challenge the government’s allegations and present evidence to back your innocence. James G. Sullivan and Associates will bring in psychologists, computer technicians and other experts to assist in strengthening your defense and rebut the charges against you. In addition to the experts, the experienced trial attorneys will work together to dissect the government’s case from all sides in order to be fully prepared to fight for you throughout all steps of the legal process, from preliminary appearance to jury trial. They have decades of legal experience fighting felony and misdemeanor cases at trial and get proven results.

Contact a Harris County Possession of Child Pornography Lawyer

If you have been charged with possession of child pornography or any other related sex offense, contact the experienced Harris County child porn defense attorneys at James G. Sullivan and Associates today. They will dedicate their time, talent and energy to defending your rights, freedom and future.